Street scuffles leave several injured

By Don McAlvy: Columnist

Editor’s Note: The following was reported in the Thursday, July 5, 1917 edition of the Clovis News Journal.

An attack upon Clovis Chief of Police Finis Sadler him injured, and blacksmith Jake High and Curry County Sheriff Dick Moye were injured in a later incident.

The attack upon Chief Sadler arose over the fact that the chief ordered Boothe and a certain woman off the street Sunday. The order of the chief incensed Boothe, who Monday morning procured a lead quirt (whip) and approached the chief from behind. Several of the blows of the loaded whip were described as being of a most serious nature.

Though dazed by the assault of Boothe, Sadler recovered and floored his assailant, who was taken into custody by other officers.

According to witnesses, Boothe approached the officer stealthily, striking the chief a hard blow behind the ear and inflicting a head wound still considered dangerous by attending physician.

Almost immediately following that altercation, High — who owns a blacksmith shop on Mitchell Street and was a bystander during the attack — was reported to have made remarks directed Sheriff Moye.

The remarks by High were reported to the sheriff. Moye said he called High at the shop, asking him about the swearing upon the streets, with the intention of taking High into custody.

Words passed between the two. High threw an oak wagon at the sheriff. The first spoke missed the mark, but the second struck the sheriff on the arm breaking one of the smaller bones. In response, Moye fired a shot at High. The bullet entered High’s body on the left side, opposite the elbow and passing through to the right side.

High’s condition is reported to be of a critical nature.

The attack upon Sadler follows an incident several days ago when the sheriff was held up at gunpoint.

It is possible that the city will place special men upon the case. State authorities have indicated that evidence of a materializes as suspected that drastic measures will be taken to bring the men to justice.