amos feels summer heat

By Gary Mitchell: Local columnist

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of

boss after two days of
sweltering heat red-hot
sidewalks and blistered little
mousy feet i have decided
that winter must be over and
i have put away my mittens
galoshes and fuzzy russian hat

to top it off boss the church s
air conditioner doesn t
work the whole church
pew underworld is facing a
minor crisis bugs are
falling over like flies and
flies are falling over and dying
like bugs only the goldfish and
the earthworms seem to like
the hot weather the rest of us
run from one lawn sprinkler
to another

that s okay boss but you have
to watch out for renegade
lawn mowers

one miserable day when
my whiskers were sweating
hot water drops i stumbled
into cami chameleon who
was trying desperately
to be a tree

hey says me you can t be
a tree you re a four-legged
creature like me

yes i can said she look at me
change from a green tree to
the blue sea i ve got great
color range

so i see says me but what
good does it do to change
yourself from green to blue
especially when the sun is hot
the breeze is shot
the shade s a dot
and cool we re not

oh you re funny says she
turning herself the color of
ivy leaves but don t you see
everything works out
so perfectly

no i don t see says me
all i know is how dry and
hot i be

but think of all the fun
you can have in the sun —
sailing swimming or go
for a run take a walk in
the park or tan till you re
dark don t you see what
i mean says she turning
herself back to green

sure it works for you says me
watching her turn to blue
because you re wishy-washy
through and through
you change on a dime to
whatever you find being around
you just blows my mind

cami just laughed boss and
said that may be true but
that s the best way for me
to do what i ve gotta do

you see for me to move and
live day after day i ve got
to look for the positive
the good in every thing and
every way that makes life richer
fuller and fair as a rose
in may

boss the more i think about
it i think cami s right
she s found the secret that
the apostle paul wrote about
in philippians four-eleven
quotes here boss — for i have
learned in whatsoever state
i am therewith to be content —
end quotes

so here s to the hot happy but
contented life in christ boss
may your days be golden
and your cheese unmolden