Gifted and Talented students exhibit projects

Students from the Zia and Highland Gifted and Talented Program exhibited their independent projects at the student showcase at Zia Elementary School at the end of the school year, according to a schools news release.

Students chose their topics of study and also decided on one product or more about which to share their information, according to teacher Carolyn Beauchamp. Some of the products included animated and informational computer slide shows, stories, dioramas, illustrated books, clay figures, poems, interviews and art.

“This is the second year for me to do it,” Beauchamp said. Consolidating the students at the two schools enabled them to share what they did and have a larger audience for the showcase, she said.

The following gifted and talented students participated: Caitlin Beltran, David “D.J.” Blackmon, Ted Boersma, Rodney Brock, Halle Brown, Hunter Brown, Tyler Damron, Lucas Donaldson, Kathryn Dunagan, Payton Elmore, Logann Ewers, Ryan Freeman, Kevin Huang, Hailey Hulder, Jacob Jones, Deip Kumar, Nicole Lautenslager, Addison Martin, Maddison McDowell, Hannah McKenney, Sarah Moore, Alexis O’Leary, Chance O’Shea, Alleigh Perry, Shepard Saied, Madison Stewart, Karly Wells, Megan West and Marshall Winn from Zia Elementary, and Hannah Borden, Clayton Craig, Kara Craig, Cassidy Downing, Makahla Miller, Micah Morris and Jane Salinas from Highland Elementary. They are GT students of Carolyn Beauchamp.