County to weigh liquor license for fairgrounds

By Gabriel Monte: CNJ staff writer

The Curry County Commission will decide in a special meeting today whether to apply for a liquor license for the special events center and the fairgrounds.

The license will be a governmental liquor license similar to the one the city has for its civic center and will be specified for the Mounted Patrol Arena and the Curry County Rodeo arena in the special events center being built at the fairgrounds, according to Curry County Manager Dick Smith.

He said the license will help attract bigger sponsors and more events to the center, such as monster truck shows, which are usually sponsored by beer companies.

“It’s primarily from the sponsorship and from the type of events that we’ll get,” he said. “We don’t anticipate much revenue from the actual sale of the alcohol itself.”

The alcohol will be limited to beer and wine, he said.

“Our idea is not to sell alcohol and have a bunch of people drunk,” he said. “Our idea is to have nice events that people, if they choose to have a drink, can have a drink.”

Clovis Civic Center general manager Neil McMullin said having a license helps the center attract more events than it would have without one. The majority of events where alcohol is served at the center are banquets and special events, he said.

But McMullin said alcohol sales is not the main source of revenue for the center.

“If we didn’t have it as an option … not only are you forgoing the revenue that you would earn at the bar, but more importantly, you would be forgoing the food and beverage revenue; you would be forgoing the rental of the whole event in its entirety,” he said.

Commissioners will also vote on a bid by Global Spectrum to manage the county’s special events center. Global manages the city’s civic center.

Global spectrum will begin booking events for the center when the contract is approved, Smith said.

After applying for the license, it could take six to eight months to know if the county’s liquor license is approved, Smith said.

What: Curry County Commission special meeting
When: 9 a.m. today
Where: Commissioner’s Room, Curry County Courthouse
On the agenda: Consideration of applying for a liquor license for the special events center and