High schoolers attend CCC

By Gabriel Monte: CNJ staff writer

More Clovis High School students are getting a feel of college life this school year.

Deputy Superintendent Ladona Clayton told the Clovis Board of Education Tuesday 370 Clovis High students are getting college credits from Clovis Community College through a new dual credit program.

Clovis Schools Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm said the high school works in partnership with the college, which waives tuition costs for the high school students.

“Students are just beginning to get a sense that, ‘This is really a college,’” Clayton said. “They have all the resources available — for example, the gym is accessible to them. If they need the computer labs, it’s accessible to (them). (They) are college students out there at that site.”

Clayton said 70 high school students go to the campus to take some classes because they aren’t available at the high school.

“Our courses are taken right off the New Mexico general education matrix,” said Clovis Community College Executive Vice President for Educational Services Becky Rowley. “Every college in New Mexico has agreed upon this matrix so every course that’s on this matrix will transfer, guaranteed, to any school in the state of New Mexico.”

She said the program will help high school students who plan on going to college get most general academic classes out of the way.

“Some of them will be close to being juniors in college, if they start early enough, by the time they actually leave Clovis,” she said. “That’s really what the intent of the whole program is.”

Rowley also teaches an English composition class that has 10 high school students.

“I’ve never had attendance that’s so good,” she said. “They’ve turned in every single thing I’ve asked them to do.”

The high school’s 10-year-old concurrent enrollment program first offered six classes with college credits. It now offers 25, Clayton said.

“We’ve never had this degree of dual credit opportunities,” she said.