Romantic gifts not necessarily costly

By Clyde Davis: Columnist

It may be true that the thermometer in your car, as did mine, read 94 degrees last week.

That makes it hard to think about Christmas. But in the tradition of encouraging and enhancing romancing, it is time for most of us to think about Christmas presents for the MVW (most valued woman) in our lives.

Unless you have a great deal of money and/or influence, planning now will help you to show your love for her in a creative, unique way.
Creative and unique are the two key words.

What about a winter getaway? My personal plans are, sometime this winter, to redeem the promise made by the most beautiful woman in Clovis to attempt cross country skiing. If I want her to like it, the best place I can take her is Enchanted Forest, near Red River.

Places like that tend to fill up quickly, especially around the holiday break. In other words, guys, we do not wait until the calendar reads December to book a room. This would also be true for Taos, Ruidoso, any place in Colorado — you get the picture.

Even if you don’t ski, a winter weekend in the woods is great for the outdoor types.

Check out your gift ideas ahead of time — you don’t have to be blatant about it. Asking my wife how she felt about open water scuba diving lessons kept me from making a $200 mistake on a present she had no desire for. Being romantic does not entail being a mindreader.

More ideas:

Books. I’m talking about books you read aloud, curled up together by the fireplace or picnicing under a tree. With a large chain bookstore in town, you and I both know you have plenty of time to special order her present. Don’t, however, ignore the sale rack; that’s where I found the book of Paul McCartney lyrics in poetry format.

Candles, bubblebath, scented massage oils and lingerie are just a few of the ways you can let her know she is the most desirable and amazing woman you have ever met. If you don’t know what to do with those — well, we better send you back to Romance 101.

Movies and CDs can set the romantic tone for a great at-home weekend — romantic comedies, acoustic music, even suspense films (not gruesome, but suspenseful).

Coupons. Coupons for favorite activities, to be redeemed at the best possible date, coupons for romantic actions like a footbath, footrub, and massage, or the gourmet dish that you create best without your paramour having to lift a finger … C’mon, guys, we all have one. Mine is Greek salad — think of yours.

Clothing. Make sure you know her size. I am not talking about jeans or sensible dresses; I am talking about what you most like to see her in. In my case, it’s low-cut sundresses. How about yours? If you don’t already know her favorite colors, it’s OK to ask.

My favorite philosopher, Chris LeDoux, has a song about the truth that, in our time, you have to think outside the box if you want to romance her. Not exactly in those words, but that’s the idea.

I hope I have gotten your romance scope working in time for the holiday season.