New base? Hope it’s a nice place

By Tonya Fennell: CNJ staff writer

Everywhere I turn, military wives from Cannon Air Force Base are talking about how their husbands are meeting with the assignment team.

Yes, orders for reassignment are coming down and people are getting excited. Two women I work with and several mothers of children who attend the same day care as my daughter will all be moving on soon.

“I hope we get Florida,” one said.

“Anything on the East Coast would be great,” another said.

But, all agree, “Please, not Minot, N.D.”

All this chatter got me to thinking about wish lists. You know, sort of like a letter to Santa.

Here’s mine:

Dear assignment team:

I want a base that’s nice and sunny

And one where my hubby can make lots of money

I want a base where the people are nice

Not one filled with snow and ice

I want a base with fun things to do

Not one surrounded by cows that say moo

I want a base with really great schools

Not a place where my kids will turn into fools

I want a base in a big, big city

Not in a town that’s itty bitty

I want concerts, festivals and gourmet cuisine

In other words, could I be placed at Tyndall Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle please?

Military spouse Tonya Fennell is a staff writer for Freedom New Mexico. Her husband is stationed at Cannon and is still waiting for his next assignment. Contact her at 763-6991 or by e-mail: