Time capsule sealed away

Freedom New Mexico: Liliana Castillo Mayor David Lansford locks the time capsule Friday while 27th Special Operations Wing Commander Timothy Leahy looks on. The capsule, entombed at Clovis-Carver Public Library, will be opened in 2057, City officials said.

By Liliana Castillo

The Clovis Centennial Committee placed a time capsule in a vault in the Clovis-Carver Public Library on Friday as part of the city’s 100-year anniversary.

The capsule will be opened in 2057, city officials said.

The stainless steel box held items commemorating the city as it is now. Some of the items include a cellular phone, a 2007 city of Clovis budget and a letter from U.S. Sen. Pete V. Domenici.

Sixty-seven items were placed in the capsule, consisting mostly of things that will be historically relevant in 50 years. When the time capsule from 1907 was dug up, there were few items in it, according to Centennial Committee Chairman Raymond Mondragon.

“We wanted to be more in tune with the history of city,” Mondragon said. “We went far beyond (the last time capsule).”

Clovis Mayor David Lansford said the capsule provides a snapshot of Clovis as a community.

“The time capsule is somewhat of a treasure chest. My hope for 50 years from now, folks that open this up will experience what we’ve experienced: faith, family and fellowship,” he said.

Col. Timothy Leahy, commander of the 27th Special Operations Wing at Cannon Air Force Base, presented Lansford with the last coin of the 27th Fighter Wing as well as the first coin of 27th SOW, both to be placed in the capsule.

After Mondragon gave the attendees a pop quiz on Clovis history, the capsule was locked. Lansford, Leahy and Mondragon helped each other lift the capsule into its vault.

“We want the citizens of Clovis of 2057 to see that we are a city on the move,” Mondragon said.

Time Capsule Contents

1. 100th Anniversary Book; Photo of City Commission
2. Plateau Wireless Cellular Phone
3. Clovis News Journal Centennial Edition
4. 2007 Historical Calendar
5. Centennial Gala Agenda/Program Oct. 6, 2007
6. 100th Anniversary Lapel Pin
7. 100th Anniversary Coin
8. First Baptist Church 100th Anniversary Coin
9. 2007 City of Clovis Budget
10. Letter from United States Senator Pete V. Domenici
11. White House Folder – Letter from United States President George W. Bush
12. Congressional Record 110th Congress Oct. 2, 2007
13. New Mexico House of Representatives Resolution signed by House Speaker Ben Lujan and State Representative Anna Crook
14. Clovis Rocks Guitar T-shirt
15. Ag 50 Flash Drive
16. Clovis/Curry County Chamber Membership Directory
17. Thrifty Nickel (Rhonda Bargman, Owner)
18. Map of Clovis
19. Civic Center Brochure
20. Clovis Industrial Development Corporation Newsletter (Chase Gentry, Executive Director)
21. 2007 New Mexico Vacation Guide
22. First United Methodist Church 100 Year Celebration
23. CD Clovis Sound “2007 Governor’s Award”
24. Rookie Year Picture of Hank Baskett #84 Philadelphia Eagles (Clovis High School Graduate)
25. Clovis Police Department Patch and Badge Lapel Pin (Dan Blair, Chief of Police; Mike Ingram, Deputy Chief)
26. ENMR Plateau Key Chain
27. Various invitations from 100th Anniversary Events
28. Centennial Delights donated by Rhonda Bargman
29. Clovis High School Football Program (Wildcats played Las Cruces Mayfield Trojans in the State 5A Championship Game)
30. Cannon Special Operations Unit Change of Command Ceremony Innovation Oct. 1, 2007
31. 2007 Holiday Open House Invitation
32. Clovis Music Festival Program
33. Clovis, New Mexico Post Card
34. Sun Country Homes Guide
35. City of Clovis Pen-Letter Opener and Claire Burroughes’ business card (City’s Director of Community Relations)
36. Key to the City, which is presented to dignitaries
37. City of Clovis Pen Bobble Head
38. City of Clovis Pen and Pad Set
39. City of Clovis Lapel Pins
40. Quest Dex Phone Book
41. ENMR Plateau Names and Numbers Phone Book
42. Clovis ENMR Phone Directory
43. Governor Bill Richardson’s Executive Order
44. Calling All Railroaders Breakfast Invitation
47. Women’s Initiative Network Fashion Show
48. Clovis News Journal Article “Celebrating With Coins” James Bickley Elementary School
49. Clovis News Journal Oct. 2, 2007 “Wings of Change”
50. Clovis News Journal Sept. 30, 2007 “New Neighbors New Challenges”
51. April 13, 2007 Time Capsule Ceremony Photos
52. Governor of New Mexico 2007 Bill Richardson, letter of congratulation
53. List of Governor’s 2007 Cabinet
54. 2007 City of Clovis Commission photo
55. Photo of Time Capsule Unveiling Ceremony April 13, 2007
56. New Mexico State Legislators (Clovis Representatives) photos
57. Liberty Bell Postage Stamp
58. Time Capsule Ceremony Agenda Dec. 14, 2007
59. 2007 City of Clovis 100th Anniversary Committee Picture (oldest house re-located to the Curry County Fairgrounds)
61. Operation Keep Cannon Pictures of BRAC Street Parade
62. $100 U.S. Savings Bond from Citizen’s Bank of Clovis, Kent Carruthers, President
63. Cannon Air Force Base 27th Fighter Wing Coin
64. 27th Special Operations Wing Coin
65. The price of gas on Dec. 14, 2007
66. 2007 Miss Rodeo New Mexico Ashley Stallings photo and information
67. Col. Timothy Lehy 27th Special Operations Wing, letter
68. Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas, letter of welcome