Carlsbad Caverns hosts e-field trip

Would you like to learn more about what makes caves so special? Carlsbad

Caverns National Park will help you do just that with the free electronic

field trip (or eFieldTrip) “Caves: An Underground Wonderland.” This

eFieldTrip is designed to teach students about karst features, cave

geology, speleothem formation, cave ecosystems, and the need for cave

conservation. The eFieldTrip will be available to schools and other

interested participants through July 2008.

Carlsbad Caverns is sponsoring this eFieldTrip as a way to teach students

from around the country, including those who may only have the opportunity

to “virtually visit” the park, about the wonders of caves and their fragile


What do you need to participate? If you have access to the Internet at your

school, in your classroom, or at home, you can participate! The web address

is There is no cost for your school or students

to participate. Carlsbad Caverns National Park offers this program as a

free educational outreach opportunity.

The eFieldTrip has four components:

Virtual Visit. An interactive multimedia web experience that students

can complete at their own pace. This will remain posted through July


Trip Journal. A downloadable worksheet that students can complete as

they participate in the Virtual Visit.

Ask an Expert. Students may post questions to the eFieldTrip website

January 22 through January 24, and receive an answer from the experts

within 1 to 2 days.

Live Web Chat. A live, text-based web chat that allows students to

ask the experts questions and receive their answers during the chat

will be on January 31. Check the website for the time of the live


For more information, or to register your school to participate, visit You may also contact the park’s education office

at 575.785.3127 to learn more about electronic fieldtrips and other

educational activities.