Wildcats pull away

Jaye Crockett scored 27 points to lead Clovis to a 77-61 win over Eldorado in a boys basketball game Tuesday in Albuquerque.

Jaden Isler added 20 points and Bryce Hill 17 as the Wildcats stayed unbeaten at 15-0.

The game was tied at 28 at halftime.

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Here’s a list of stories we’re planning for Wednesday’s paper:

• The latest on a wind-driven grass fire located about 10 miles south of Portales off Highway 202 that was heading toward Arch.

• City Commission District 2 candidate Q&As

• The United Way of Eastern New Mexico is still about $70,000 short of reaching its fundraising goal with three days left in its campaign.

• The wife of a Cannon Air Force Base officer has started an autism support group.

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Did you know Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only sitting president to visit Curry County? You would if you read the “Historically Accurate” feature, found under the “More Features” button below.

“Historically Accurate” is updated daily along with more than a dozen other items, including local press releases, the pet of the day and a cartoon about a cowboy named Earl.

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We began publishing a series of question-and-answer features Tuesday with candidates for Clovis City Commission. Those will run through Friday.

A Q&A with mayoral candidates is scheduled to be published on Sunday.

All of the questions and answers were provided in writing. Each candidate was asked to limit responses to no more than 150 words per question.

You will note that incumbent Commissioner Randy Crowder used most of his 150 words to answer each of our questions this morning, while challenger Rosalie Riley was far more succinct.

We’ll leave it up to voters to decide if that means anything.

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Read any good books lately? The “Librarian Recommends” feature below will ensure you answer that question in the affirmative the next time someone asks.

Click on “More Features” to find the link. Our videographer is Tony Bullocks.

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The Clovis News Journal introduced new tools for the Web site on Monday. The SiteLife system allows readers to build their own blogs, share photos and more, but the main attraction is its commenting features.

Our old system allowed readers to comment on stories, but it also allowed readers to delete comments for no reason and offered no options for limiting posts by individuals who repeatedly violated our user agreement.

The new system requires registration and a valid e-mail address. Anonymity is still an option, but anyone who uses the forum inappropriately – by attacking innocent people, libeling anyone, spreading racial intolerance, for example — can be banned from conversations.

Readers can still flag comments they consider inappropriate, but now only the editors can delete comments. Flagging a comment will bring it to an editor’s attention.

Since the new system allows editors to confirm the identity of those who wish to provide their real names, we hope it encourages public officials to sign up and answer some of the questions that readers ask in these forums.

Editor David Stevens will be answering readers’ questions as well under the moniker “editorstevens.” He will be expressing his own views on occasion.

Let us know how you like the new system by logging on and expressing responsible viewpoints.

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Clovis’ Jim Sitterly handicaps the mayor’s race:

“I think that any person who wants to lead a wonderful city like Clovis should ooze the love and passion it will take to lead long before they choose to put their hat in the ring,” he wrote in an e-mail.

“When I look over the long list of candidates I must admit I don’t know all of them nor have I heard of their involvement prior to their announcements. I know (Tim) Ashley, (Gayla) Brumfield and (Gloria Wicker). When looking at each, I recognize only one that seems to ooze the passion and understanding of a city like Clovis. Only one has continually worked on economic development, only one has traveled from coast to coast promoting our community, only has shown over and over the abilities and passion to fill our last mayor’s shoes.

“Although the others are outstanding citizens, the person I would choose to be our mayor would be Mrs. Gayla Brumfield.”

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Clovis’ Jeff Greene is in favor of a proposal that would allow city restaurants to sell alcohol on Sundays.

“People with drinking problems are going to buy enough on Saturday to last them through Sunday anyway,” he wrote in an e-mail.

“We should be able to buy a beer or a glass of wine with our meal any day of the week.”

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Want to participate in question-and-answer sessions with the editors?

Email us

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This week’s Web poll asks about the most important issues facing New Mexico lawmakers as they gather in Santa Fe.

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