Go Giants

The editors asked:

No Cowboys. No Broncos. No Hank Baskett. Do you care about watching the Super Bowl? Maybe for the commercials or to see Tom Petty perform at halftime?

Here’s what one reader had to say:

• “Sure I am going to watch the Super Bowl. It is an American tradition. We as Americans love an underdog and who wouldn’t like to see New York end the winning streak and allow Miami’s (1972) record (17-0) to stand?” – Doug McGregor

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Clovis Municipal Schools voters go to the polls today to decide on a recurring $12 million general obligation bond to fund maintenance and improvements to school buildings and grounds for the next four years.

Voters in 2000 and 2004 approved the GO bonds by a 4-to-1 margin.

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Journalism lost a good friend Monday when George L. Prothro, a former managing editor at the Clovis News Journal, died after a bout with cancer.

Today would have been his 63rd birthday.

The current CNJ staff will miss his phone calls suggesting “good questions” to ask about curious events around town.

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Sometimes clues in the crime-fighting business are hard to find. Sometimes they hit like a ton of bricks.

This comes from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety following an incident Sunday night near Gallup:

“During a routine inspection … (an) officer opened the back of a tractor trailer rig to make sure the cargo was properly secured. As he opened the doors, a box containing about 50 pounds of pot bricks fell on his head. The obvious clue led to 49 other boxes containing 2,560 pounds of marijuana.”

Officials said the marijuana is worth about $6.4 million.