Autobiography: 1964 Chevy II

1964 Chevy II

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

A look at area residents and their vehicles.

Name: Mike and Joe Muraco

Car: 1964 Chevy II

Tell us your auto story: “I bought the engine that is in the car in 1983 and it’s been in three cars before this one. I’m making this car a race car for my son (Joe). I think being involved with him racing helps. Since I’m involved, he doesn’t have to go out and do crazy things.”

The Chevy II is the lightest muscle car built and was often adapted into a racing car, Muraco said. The Muracos’ Chevy II has been repainted, has an aftermarket suspension, a new transmission and airbags in the front. The four-cylinder engine has been upgraded to six. It can run a quarter mile in 12 seconds.

Joe Muraco said he’d rather drive his Chevy II in a race than his Honda.

“It’s faster,” he said. “I like the sound of it. It’s loud. It both whines and rumbles.”