First Person: Team player

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo J.J. Roberts has been the unofficial manager for the Wildcats for 30 years.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

The Clovis Wildcats basketball and football teams don’t go anywhere without J.J. Roberts Jr., the team’s volunteer manager.

A 1980 Clovis High grad, Roberts, 46, never misses a game. When he’s not supporting the Wildcats, he works at Clovis Livestock Auction.

His favorite pre-game meal: I’ll say chicken-fried steak. I was brought up eating that.

On his favorite sport: I like football and basketball the same. Those are my hobbies.

The thrill of victory: When we won state championship in basketball my junior year. It felt great. I was happy.

The agony of defeat: My senior year, not winning state for football. That was a long time ago. I feel it the same as the players do.
What he loves about basketball: Just the excitement and the thrills and working with the players. Winning is good. I don’t like to lose. I’m pretty competitive.

On other hobbies: I like fishing and to go swimming. I have the sports that are exciting and then I like to go fish because it’s calm. I like to go where there’s nobody around except whoever is fishing with me.

Road warrior: I go to every game. They don’t leave me behind. I get things done for them. If I don’t go, they’re lost without me.

On his nickname: The team calls me Que J.J. I always say “que” to them so they call me Que J.J.

Me and the boys: I call Aaron Boydstun the “Terminator” because when he runs down the court he hold his arms up like the Terminator. Manuel (Robles), I call him “Leaping Frog” because he can jump in the air. I call Jayden (Isler) and Bryce (Hill) “Swish” because they both swish the net.

Life of the ranch: My grandfather lived in Tucumcari. I used to ride horses with him. I’d work the horses, vaccinate them. When I got older, he got me into pigs. I did it, but I got tired of it and didn’t want to do it anymore.

Too many to count: I gotta bunch Wildcat T-shirts. Too many, really. Through all the years, probably 100 shirts.