Domenici says goodbye

U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., spoke to New Mexico lawmakers on Monday and shared this story:

“Almost 20 years ago, I spoke at the annual meeting of the New Mexico Electric Cooperatives down in Ruidoso. After I finished speaking, two ladies came up, tugged on my coat and began thanking me profusely.

“I asked them what I had done to earn such thanks. They explained that because of my support for rural electrification, they had reliable electric power for the first time.

“So, they decided to give me a present — an old galvanized washboard! They no longer needed it to wash by hand. They had electricity at long last. I still have that old washboard, with a photograph of Christina Rael and Amandita Aragon, displayed in my office.

“That story sums up what being your United States senator has meant to me — working for people, making real and steady progress, day by day.”

Domenici, first elected in 1972, has announced he will retire as of January 2009.

His entire statement to New Mexico lawmakers is posted in the “Press releases” section below. Click on “More features” for access.