Second detention center officer arrested

By Rick White: CNJ Managing Editor

A shift supervisor at the Curry County Adult Detention Center was arrested Saturday after agreeing to smuggle drugs into the jail, according to a press release from the Curry County Sheriff’s Office.

Roberto Domanski, 29, was charged with four felonies, including trafficking cocaine, according to the release.

Domanski, who was fired upon his arrest, is the second detention center officer in two weeks to be charged with smuggling drugs into the jail.

Carsten Douglas, 23, was arrested Jan. 22 after admitting to smuggling marijuana into the jail.

Warden Leslie Johnson said jail officials are looking into the possibility the arrests could be connected.

Johnson said jail officials also had information Domanski was smuggling drugs into the jail.

Domanski met with undercover agents Saturday after agreeing to smuggle a package containing cocaine and tobacco into the jail for $50, according to the release. He was taken into custody after picking up the package.

Domanski acknowledged he smuggled narcotics and other contraband into the jail in the past, according to the press release.

He was released Sunday on a $30,000 bond, according to the press release.

There was no listing for Domanski in the phone directory.

Curry County Manager Lance Pyle said he considers the problem serious.

“This is an ongoing problem at detention centers and we are doing everything possible to prevent this,” said Pyle, citing extensive background checks and drug testing on potential employees to random shakedowns and the use of drug dogs at the jail.

He also said the jail administration and the sheriff’s office are going a good job.

Johnson said Domanski, who previously worked at a detention center in Texas, had good credentials, tested well and showed good supervisor skills when he was hired.

She said the two arrests are indicative of how inmates are able to manipulate guards.

“Guards deal with inmates for hours and hours at a time so we are constantly checking to make sure they’re not being influenced by any relationships,” Johnson said.