One vote yes on domestic partners issue

New Mexico lawmakers published a questionnaire in Sunday’s newspaper asking constituents a series of questions.

One asked “Do you support all the same rights for domestic partners as for husband/wife couples?”

Here’s an answer, from Ardyth Elms:

“Yes. After many years of caring and loving for someone, you have the rights of any married couple. The only difference between a domestic couple and a married couple is a marriage license and the money paid for blood tests and the license. If the vows made from the heart to God in private and the vows made to each other in public don’t stand up better, then no one, whether married or not, should have to pay a lawyer $5,000 to legally separate.”

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Here’s an answer, from Doug McGregor:

“(I) absolutely do not support the same rights for domestic partners, as they don’t seem to accept the responsibility of making the vows of marriage; this way if things don’t work out they can just walk out.

“Sorry, that is not the way it was intended. We have made it too easy for single couples to get more in retirement benefits, tax breaks and subsidy. If they are not legally husband and wife, then they should not receive this type of preferential treatment.”

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