Music teaches discipline

By Cindy Martin: Guest columnist

This is part of a series in which local columnists share their love for music in celebration of “Music in Our Schools Week” at Clovis Municipal Schools.

Like many people, music is an everyday part of my life. I have the radio on in my car and in my office. I wake to music, watch music videos, teach using songs and more. However, when I was asked to write this article, I began to really consider the impact music has had on my life, and how my participation in the Clovis Municipal Schools music program made a difference in my life.

I was one of those students who joined sixth grade band because my friends did. Little did I know that by joining band and sticking with it, I would practice life skills that would help define who I was and who I would become. I learned what it meant to be a member of a group and my responsibility to that group. I learned that as a group, with each of us taking responsibility for our roles, we could accomplish great things and reach our goals.

I learned self-discipline, the self-discipline it takes to practice, practice, and practice some more, the self-discipline it takes to show up for all rehearsals and to make the extra effort to notice every detail and work at it until it is right.

I had the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a variety of roles and settings. I was able to experience competition and learn how to perform under pressure. I also experienced the pride that comes with belonging to an award-winning program and knowing I helped in that achievement.

For me, there has been a definite intersection of life and music, one that enriched my life and helped me develop valuable life skills. None of this would have been possible without music teachers who took their time to help students like me. So, I thank you Norvil Howell, Steve Baldock and Janet Buzard for your time, friendship and mentoring.

Cindy Martin is director of instruction for Clovis Municipal Schools.