Rock ‘n’ roll museum plans complete

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director Liz Eisenbaun looks over one of the new additions to the Norman and Vi Petty Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum. The jacket was lent to the museum by George Tomsco of the Fireballs. It was the first jacket he wore on tour.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

The Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce is slowly making steps toward opening the Norman and Vi Petty Rock ’n’ Roll Museum.

The architectural plans for the museum, complete with a neon Fender Stratocaster above the chamber’s main entrance, have been finalized, according to Liz Eisenbraun, the chamber’s marketing director, and construction will begin in the next few weeks.

The nearly $400,000 museum will be a renovation of the temporary museum that has taken residence in the chamber building’s ground floor.

The money for the museum comes from state Legislature capital outlay money the city received a few years ago, according to Chamber of Commerce Director Ernie Kos.

“Clovis is known worldwide for (music history), and I think it’s time we celebrated it,” Eisenbraun said as she pointed out the newest additions to the museum.

George Tomsco of the Fireballs loaned the museum the first jacket he wore on tour with the Fireballs. A local woman donated an antique organ, which came into her family in 1890.

Kos said she is pleased with the progress of the museum, especially now that more obvious progress is being made.

“I’m really jazzed about the guitar outside,” Kos said. The neon guitar signage will go up in May.

Kos said the chamber is pleased with the number of things that have been donated but is still hoping for more. The next step toward opening the museum is soliciting bids for a contractor, Kos said.

“There are three words to describe what we want to accomplish here: ‘celebrate the music’,” Kos said. “I’m confident we’ll be ready to rock ’n’ roll at the music festival in September.”