Mayor candidate forum

CNJ staff

The Clovis News Journal asked the six candidates for mayor in Tuesday’s Clovis municipal election to tell readers about themselves, their qualifications and their platforms. Below are their responses.

Tim Ashley
Age: 44
Occupation: Construction supply business owner.
Prior elected office: Currently serving his second consecutive term as Curry County commissioner.

Ashley: I’m Tim L. Ashley, candidate for mayor. I chose to seek the mayor position because I’m concerned about the future of our community.

I believe the next eight years will be critical in determining the course of the future for the city of Clovis.

Our community is growing and the new mission at Cannon Air Force Base will provide a catalyst for further economic growth. With this growth will come increased challenges, such as infrastructure needs, public safety, water resources, quality of life issues and others.

I believe our mayor should be someone who has a working knowledge of these issues. I have been a Curry County commissioner for the past eight years, including two years as commission chairman, so I know firsthand the challenges that lay ahead of us.

I serve on numerous committees that are dealing with these issues. I am chairman of the Juvenile Justice Alternatives Committee, which focuses on “at-risk youth” in our community.
I am chairman of the county Land Use Committee, which focuses on land-use policy, subdivision regulations and development. I am a member of the Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority, which is addressing our future water needs.

I believe our mayor should know what it’s like to raise a family in our community. I’ve been married to my wife, Celeste, for 22 years, and we have four sons ages 16, 15, 11, and 3.

I believe our mayor should know the pulse of our local economy. As an owner of a local family business, which has served this community for over 50 years, I know where our local economy is headed.

As mayor, I will bring experience, sound business principles and a common sense approach to city government.

Please vote Tuesday March 4 for Tim L. Ashley.

Thank you.

• • •

Gayla Brumfield
Age: 54
Occupation: Real estate business owner.
Prior elected office: Clovis Community College Board of Trustees.

Brumfield: I am excited to be a candidate for mayor. Clovis is a great community with caring people and potential for great things to come. I would like to help bring growth, prosperity and diversity to our community by being your next mayor.

My long term goals include:

• Economic development — Recruit new businesses and work to retain existing businesses.

• Quality of life — This issue is one reason people move to an area. I support building a wellness center, walking and biking trails, and more activities for our youth.

• Infrastructure/water issues — We need to continue the Ute Water Project, effluent reuse project, and strive to conserve water. We need to make sure we keep up with our drainage, street repairs and traffic control for our growing community.

• Downtown revitalization and beautification — This is needed to give Clovis a “Better First Impression.”

• City services and transportation — We need to make sure our salaries are competitive, work with public transportation, and work toward recycling.

Over the years, I have served in many capacities for the betterment of Clovis. I was a member of the BRAC Transition Team, which was effective in removing Cannon from the closure list. While serving on the board for the hospital, we spent $40 million in capital projects, which included a new cancer center, rehab center, physicians building and a new emergency room.

Clovis Community College is a major component of our community, and I have been honored to serve on the Clovis Community College board and to see the major growth we have had at the college. I will bring the same dedication and “can-do attitude” to city projects that I have brought to my past endeavors.

As your mayor, I will dedicate the time, energy, and enthusiasm to work for Clovis!

• • •

Rudy Kumar
Age: 51
Occupation: Medical entrepreneur.
Prior elected office: None

Kumar: It’s truly a privilege and honor to be running for mayor. I am humbled by the community of Clovis.

This is the most challenging endeavor I have ever done. I have been involved in many successful businesses in the past, too many to name. However, I am currently the CEO of a medical corporation.

Clovisites have become united behind my campaign.

I have been getting encouragement, inspiration, insight and assistance from the people of Clovis. In this race, we will rise to the challenge.

I made several visits to the state capitol and met with Gov. Bill Richardson, several lieutenant governors, the Speaker of the House, Ben Lujan, and many other state representatives, several city managers and other heads of governmental agencies, thereby developing relationships with our state political leaders, thus understanding how to better serve the people of Clovis.

My goal is to change the mayor’s status from being symbolic to a real mayor, by giving the mayor power. It’s similar to that of commissioners. He or she will have the power to veto and make a motion. This will give the mayor influence and political power to lobby at Santa Fe and Washington, D.C., where we can get state and federal funding to build a strong infrastructure here in Clovis.

It will not cost the city more money for a full-time mayor; actually it will save the city money to operate and lead the city of Clovis to economic growth. I am a U.S. Army veteran.

Let’s move forward with Clovis purple pride and courage to face a new era. A vote for change and progress is a vote for Rudy Kumar.

Thank you for your time and consideration. May God bless all of you.

• • •

Mario Martinez
Age: 53
Occupation: Retired cook.
Prior elected office: None

Martinez: My mission, I pray, if elected mayor is to serve as a source of knowledge for all Clovis businesses and surrounding communities and to help the city of Clovis realize its potential, which will reflect and celebrate the finacial, artistic, civic and social success that will be coming in the near future.

As Clovis is getting ready for more city and county growth, I will continue economic development and keep the quality of life to its maximum and strive to make it better for the future generation for all who live here.

I will work closely with all city departments to educate myself and share any and all information as to how it functions and why.

Elect me, Mario Martinez, and I will guarantee my actions will be greater than my words. As I have said before, it will be from the citizens to the mayor and not the mayor to the citizens.

God bless.

• • •

Rube Render
Age: 65
Occupation: Retired
program manager for Lockheed Martin.
Prior elected office: None

Render: After serving 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and an additional 20-plus years working in the commercial world with Lockheed Martin Corp., my wife and I moved to Clovis.

For six years we have volunteered with the HOSTS program at James Bickley School. We work as mentors with children in grades one through three who have difficulty reading. If a child cannot read and comprehend by the time they have completed grade four, we have doomed them to failure.

To establish a rapport with local elected entities and other community leaders, I attend city commission, county commission and school board meetings. This arrangement quickly educated me on the current issues facing Clovis and allowed me to meet key members of local government. It also provided me an avenue to offer advice and possible solutions to individual commissioners or board members.

I have also been appointed to the Clovis Economic Development Tax Advisory Board, which supports economic development in New Mexico by investing in land, buildings and infrastructure.

Clovis faces uncertainty inherent in the transition to a new mission at Cannon AFB. The Special Operations mission will be more ground-oriented than Cannon missions in the past. My extensive military background involving ground forces can only serve to improve communications between Clovis and Cannon.

Experience gained in the military and industry as well as my formal education makes me exceptionally well suited to solve the complex problems Clovis will face in the near future.

Water, infrastructure and adequate police and fire protection are concerns that will require time and resources. Clovis deserves a mayor who not only has the education and experience to deal with these problems but also one who remains committed to dedicating the time required to focus on these issues.

Vote Rube Render March 4.

• • •

Gloria Wicker
Age: Declined to comment.
Occupation: Retired
railroad employee.
Prior elected office: Elected to City Commission in 2000.

Wicker: I am a Clovis native and a graduate of Clovis High School.

I am retired from the ATSF Railroad, where I also was a union representative of the BRAC Union, where I represented over 250 clerical employees. I lobbied in Washington, D.C., on their behalf.

I worked at Cannon AFB as supervisor of the priority section of base supply, locating hard-to-find aircraft parts. I am presently a member of the Cannon Officers Club.

I am the only mayoral candidate that has been elected to the Clovis City Commission.

I have been involved in keeping up with the affairs of the city and county for 11 years, attending meetings on a regular basis.

I have served on the following city committees:
• Public works
• Traffic
• Trees
• Hotel Clovis
• Hospital Board — appointed by the City Commission.

I am a graduate of the Civilian Police Academy.

I am a member of the Melrose and Clovis chambers of commerce.

I am serving now on the governor’s rodeo council, the 100th Anniversary Committee, the BNSF committee, of which I was the instigator, and the High Plains Junior Rodeo committee.

My plans are to see Clovis beautiful, Hotel Clovis restored, the four main entries cleaned up, the Main Street project completed, more business and industry brought forth, the wages of firemen, paramedics and policemen adjusted to reflect hazardous duties, and to maintain our Ute Project.

We need to adopt a no-kill policy at our animal shelter for the adoptable animals.

I have no personal agenda. The agenda of the citizens will be mine.

I am ready, willing, able and with the time and most qualified to be mayor of Clovis.

I would appreciate your vote March 4.

Polling locations are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

(One four-year term)
• Tim L. Ashley
• Gayla D. Brumfield
• Gloria P. Wicker
• Rudy Kumar
• Mario J. Martinez
• R.L. “Rube” Render

City Commission
District 1
(One four-year term)
• Rosalie L. Riley
• Randal S. Crowder
District 2
(One four-year term)
• Ben L. McDaniel
• Fred Travis Van Soelen
District 3
(One four-year term)
• Fidel M. Madrid
• Robert O. Sandoval
District 4
(One four-year term)
• Chris Bryant
• David R. Briseno

Polling locations
• Precincts 17, 35, 37 — Mesa Elementary, 4801 N. Norris
• Precincts 18, 19, 24 — Zia Elementary 2400 N. Norris
• Precincts 21, 22, 26, 20 south 17th Street and north of Ninth Street — Marshall Middle School, 100 Commerce Way
• Precincts 23, 27, 32 — Yucca Middle School, 1500 Sycamore St.
• Precincts 2, 28, 33 — Lockwood Elementary, 400 Lockwood Dr.
• Precincts 7, 8, 9, 31, 20 south of Ninth Street — Clovis High School Freshman Campus, 1400 Cameo
• Precincts 6, 25 — La Casita Elementary, 400 S. Davis
• Precincts 13, 14, 15, 20 north of 17th Street — Highland Elementary, 100 E. Plains Ave.
• Precincts 10, 11, 12 — Sandia Elementary, 2801 Lore

(Two four-year at-large positions)
• Kathy Edwards
• Mae Szaloy
Polling location
• Grady Senior Citizens Center, 104 West Main St.

(Two four-year at-large positions)
• Tuck N. Monk
• Hulin P. (H.P.) Cargile
(One four-year term)
• Darrel L. Bostwick

Polling location
• Melrose City Hall 105 East Ave. B.

(Two four-year at-large positions)
• Jerry Bradley
• Doug Scioli
Polling location
• Texico Community Center, 215 Griffin St., Texico, NM.

Fort Sumner
(Two four-year at-large positions)
• Mary E. Segura
• Selestino J. Lovato
Municipal judge
(One four-year term)
• Martha Sena
Polling location
• De Baca County Annex Building, 248 E. Ave. C.