San Jon church turns 100

The First Baptist Church of San Jon will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on June 1.

A fellowship coffee will be served at the church at 9 a.m. that day, followed by a worship service at 10.

The San Jon Community Center will host lunch at noon.

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The New Mexico Environment Department issued a news release on Thursday warning about health risks associated with dust storms.

“Inhaling dust can cause respiratory and lung problems including coughing, wheezing and runny noses and it can also worsen existing medical conditions such as asthma,” according to the release.

Environmental Protection Division Director Jim Norton tells us, “Residents should avoid being outside for long periods of time during dust storms.”


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We’ve never banned anyone from commenting on our Web site stories, until Thursday.

Comments from lkvron have been deleted and the user’s e-mail address has been blocked from future participation.

I’m still trying to sort through the details, but a man called Thursday and said his e-mail address was being used for the comments and he wasn’t making those comments.

I’m not clear how the man knew lkvron was using his e-mail address since that information is not available on the Web site. But I’m fairly confident the man who called is the rightful owner of the e-mail address in question.

If the real lkvron wants to give me a call and explain what’s going on, I’m at 763-6991.

Until then, lkvron is banned.

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Editor David Stevens has a few final thoughts on the mayor’s race:

Falling, with style