Monk and Neagle to playing in Clovis

By Janet Bresenham: Freedom New Mexico

Christian recording artists Monk and Neagle have toured all across the country with musicians such as Mercy Me and Bebo Norman.

Now they’ve decided to play a little closer to home to kick off their first solo tour.

Tonight, the singer-songwriters and longtime friends are bringing their guitars and their acoustic sound to Clovis for a concert at the Java Loft, starting at 9 p.m.

Though the call of Nashville has grown strong at times, home for Trent Monk and Michael Neagle is still the West Texas city of Amarillo.

“It’s a great place to grow up,” said Monk, 32, who has known Neagle, 31, for more than 12 years. They have played together as a band for almost five years. “Five years ago, we were close to moving to Nashville for the music, but we made a conscious decision to stay here for now.”

Unlike some musicians whose entourage grows with their fame, Monk and Neagle still try to maintain a close connection with their fans. That simplicity even extends to planning their tour.

Joey Porter of Clovis, who handles bookings for music at the Java Loft, said he was surprised that Monk and Neagle, whose original songs and CDs are played regularly on contemporary Christian radio stations, wanted to play a smaller venue.