Report: Violent crimes rise

Freedom New Mexico

Violent felony crimes in Clovis increased about 9 percent in 2007 while felony property crimes decreased 9 percent, according to the Clovis Police Department’s annual report.

The report, which was released Friday, details selected felony-level violent and property crimes over the last five years.

In violent crime data for the last five years, 2007 was third highest, coming in roughly 10 percent lower than 2003 and 2005, the years with the highest numbers.

The most reported felony violent crimes were aggravated assault and rapes and criminal sexual penetration of minors. Clovis Police public information officer Capt. Patrick Whitney said reports of rapes increased because of more education about reporting the crimes.

“I know the public schools have stepped up quite a bit on having education and discussions about reporting crimes like that of rape or criminal sexual contact,” he said. “And there’s a lot more also with the social services that they also are doing a lot more education, so we think that’s probably a big part of that being reported more.”

Homicides were down, which Whitney credits to the department’s gang task force and aggressive prosecution by the District Attorney’s office. Of the two reported homicides last