Test waiver allows seniors to graduate

CNJ staff

Some Clovis High School Seniors now have an option that allows them to graduate even after failing a state-required exam.

Clovis school board members approved Tuesday a waiver request for the New Mexico High School Competency Exam for eight students.

Clovis Municipal Schools Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm said New Mexico students need to pass the exam to receive a diploma from the school. But she said some good students who are poor test-takers might need special consideration.

To be considered for the waiver, a student must:

  • Have passed five of the six portions of the test

  • Have a grade of C or higher in the area of the test they failed

  • Have good attendance.

“This is not a free pass,” Seidenwurm said. “This is in no way a giveaway, but once in a while you have a kid that is a really poor test taker in a certain area.”

She said students can take the test multiple times. But seniors who have not passed the test by the end of the first semester of their senior year could be considered for the waiver.