Father: Isler feeling better

By Rick White: CNJ Managing Editor

Jaden Isler was resting comfortably in an Amarillo hospital Saturday two days after he collapsed and nearly died while attending a softball game in Canyon, Texas, according to his father, J.D. Isler.

“He’s doing about as good as can be expected,” J.D. Iser said Saturday night. Jaden, a Clovis High senior football and basketball standout, ate and walked a little bit Saturday, his father said.

He said doctors at Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital have run a battery of tests on his son but have not found what caused him to collapse and lose consciousness. He said doctors plan to run more tests this week.

J.D. Isler said nothing similar has happened to his son, who worked out with the Clovis track team Thursday morning. He said doctors think “it may have something to do with the electrical part of the heart. Maybe it misfired and got his heart out of rhythm.”

J.D. Isler said he believes God had a hand in his son being alive today.

The father of one of the Canyon softball players was a doctor and happened to be close by when Jaden collapsed. He said the doctor and a friend performed CPR on his son, who did not have a pulse. He said police arrived before the ambulance with a defibrillator, which was used twice to get his heart started. He was breathing when he reached the hospital, but was placed on a ventilator and sedated as a precautionary measure.

Jaden was taken off the ventilator Friday.

“I know God had a hand in it,” J.D. Isler said. “There were too many of the right people around at the right time.

“I just think about all the times Jaden went to the gym by himself at night to work on his game; and if it happened then, nobody would have been there.”

Isler said the doctor who performed CPR on his son stopped by the hospital Friday to check on Jaden and told him a harrowing story. He said when he reached Jaden, he was taking “agonal breaths,” which to the lay person look like deep breaths. What they really were was a sign his son was about to die.

J.D. Isler said his son does not remember collapsing and recalls little from that day.

Jaden Isler, who helped Clovis reach the Class 5A state title games in football and basketball this school year, announced Thursday afternoon he verbally committed to play basketball at Charleston Southern, a Division I school in South Carolina.

J.D. Isler said he’s talked to doctors a little about Jaden’s athletic future “because it’s been such a big part of his life. But it’s not our primary concern right now.”