Celebrating libraries

Heather Christensen, from top, Tawna Luscombe, Natalie Salaz are three of the staff of the Portales Public Library. The library’s director Denise Burnett said the Internet will give you information, but books give you knowledge.

The Clovis and Portales libraries and librarians celebrated National Library Week with story times and decorations. But what is behind the decorations and the events? Who are the people who are never seen at the library but are an important part of its processes?

Even librarians lose books, and sometimes get caught up in a book and have to remind themselves of their task. As one myth about librarians goes, librarians don’t have time to sit and read the books they take care of each day. But their love of books and the people that read them is what drives them each day.

Five myths about libraries and librarians.

1. If you work in a library, you have time to sit around and read books.

2. Libraries only have books.

3. Librarians have read every book in the library.

4. If you describe the cover of a book, a librarian will know which book you are referring to.

5. Librarians are all female, over 50 and wear a bun in their hair and glasses.

Source: Clovis-Carver Public Library staff