ROTC cadets earn honors

Clovis High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Core held its annual awards ceremony and military ball Saturday at the Landing on Cannon Air Force Base, according to a press release.

Honored were: Cadet Staff Sgt. Victoria Bailey, cadet Staff Sgt. Steven Dornak, cadet Senior Airman Laina Green, cadet Staff Sgt. Jennifer Landry, cadet Staff Sgt. Sydney Mewes, cadet Staff Sgt. Alice Ravan, cadet Staff Sgt. Chrystal Sanchez, cadet Senior Airman Shane Thompson and cadet Senior Airman Virgil Jamotillo.

• Senior Airman Aaron Marquis received the Aerospace Education Foundation Academic Badge.

• Cadet Staff Sgt. Isaiah Edwards and cadet Staff Sgt. Ian Downs received the Tuskagee Airmen JROTC Cadet Award.

• Cadet 2nd Lt. Lawrence Armstrong received the Air Force Sergeants Association Award.

• Cadet Col. Chris Roper, cadet Lt. Col. Mark Childers, cadet Lt. Col. Michael Acosta, cadet 1st Lt. Kimberly Brozo, cadet Capt. Sarah Williams, cadet Capt. Bryant Billet, and cadet Chief Master Sgt. Ryan Telles-Hinch received the Co-curricular Activities Leadership Ribbon.

• Cadet 2nd Lt. Richard Brown received the Military Order of Purple Heart Award.

• Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Amanda Logsdon received the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction Award.

• Telles-Hinch received the Sons of the American Revolution Award.

• Cadet Senior Airman Green received the National Sojourners Award.

• Telles-Hinch, Hemphill, Bailey, Downs, Edwards Green, and Mewes received the Superior Performance Ribbon.

• Acosta received the Veterans of Foreign Wars Award.

• Brozo received the Military Officer’s Association Of America Award.

• Mewes received the Military Order of World Wars Award.

• Cadet Capt. Chris Boyce, Brozo, Williams, and Telles-Hinch received the Achievement Ribbon for JROTC.

• Edwards received the Reserve Officers Association Award.

• Boyce and Bailey received the American Veterans Award.

• Childers received the Daughters of American Revolution Award.

• Roper, Childers, Acosta, Billett received the Leadership Ribbon.

• Roper received the American Legion General Military Excellence Award.

• Cadet Capt. Brody Hawes received the American Legion Scholastic Award.

• Billett received the Daedalian Award.

• Roper, Telles-Hinch and Downs received Outstanding Cadet Ribbons.

• Williams received the Air Force Association medal.

New Corps Leadership for 2008-2009 school year:

• Brozo as Support Squadron commander.

• Telles-Hinch as Eagle Squadron commander.

• Hawes as Falcon Squadron commander.

• Williams as deputy group commander.

• Billett as group commander.