Runaway ferret moved to zoo

CNJ Staff

A runaway ferret that attracted a lot of attention in the last week when at least six people stepped forward to claim her has been relocated to Hillcrest Park Zoo.

Animal Control Officer Martin Martinez delivered the 1-pound, foot-long white animal Wednesday morning after officials were unable to verify the rightful owner.

Zookeeper Kathy Yanotti said the ferret will not be on display, but will be used as an educational animal for presentations to schools, classes and tour groups.

The ferret was found in a backyard dog kennel April 21 and turned over to animal control.

Clovis Police Lt. Jim Schoeffel, who oversees the animal control division, said Monday he was going to donate the ferret to the zoo if her owner couldn’t be identified because it was the only fair way to resolve the issue.

None of those who claimed to own her presented proof of ownership, officials said.

Martinez said dozens inquired about adopting the ferret, but officials couldn’t make her available as long as the possibility exists she has an owner in the community who wants her back.