CCC to implement new technology courses

By Gabe Monte: CNJ staff writer

Clovis Community College will offer industrial technology courses starting in the fall, according to CCC President John Neibling.

The CCC Board of Trustees approved on Wednesday the purchase of more than $500,000 of equipment for an industrial technology program, which offers courses in mechanical and electric maintenance.

Neibling said the college is using a $1.2 million grant from the Department of Labor to pay for the equipment.

CCC Industrial Technology Program Manager Delane McUre said the program will offer vocational courses that students can use for jobs in industrial plants such as Cummins Natural Gas and the Southwest Cheese Plant.

“We would be developing (a program) … to meet growing needs of area employers for technically skilled workforce and to create a way for residents to get higher paying technical jobs,” she said.

“Basically students should expect the fundamentals of the operation and maintenance of those industrial systems,” she said.

Equipment for the program includes mechanical drive systems and electric motors.

“Almost all of those businesses today run off computer-driven, computer-controlled processes,” Neibling said. “And so this program teaches people the basics of how to function in a computer controlled, industrial environment.”

Students can earn an associate degree in applied science from the two-year program, McUre said.