Grady grads give back

Freedom New Mexico: Martha Hardwick Grady Seniors from left: Steven Holland, Quade Fury, Brian Blackburn, C.J. Furrow, Aaron Lunsford, Maria Sotelo, Alora Pond and Danielle Landers, place the new Broncho mascot statue in front of the school gymnasium.

By Keely McDowell: CNJ staff writer

Members of Grady’s senior class helped erect a statue of their mascot in front of the school’s gymnasium last week.

Even though they complained the 4-foot tall, 300-pound bronze broncho was heavy and it took six of them to carry it, the seniors felt that it was their way of saying thank you.

“It was a way of showing our gratitude for putting up with us through our years,” said Brian Blackburn a third-generation graduate of Grady High School.

Blackburn and fellow seniors C.J. Furrow, Quade Fury, Alora Pond, Steven Holland, Aaron Lunsford, Maria Sotelo, Danielle Landers, Jeremy Allen and Katarina Grau were part of the Grady School Beautification Project.

“I came to Grady at first for the four-day week, but the atmosphere here is great,” said Furrow, a former Clovis student.

One year after celebrating Grady Municipal School’s 100th anniversary, the students in grades K-12 helped to plant flowers, trees and other landscaping to honor their school.

The seniors felt the project was a positive way show the younger students how to take care of the school they love.

“I have gone to school here since kindergarten. You know everyone from kindergarten through 12th grade, and you are all pretty close friends,” Pond said.

Nine out of the 10 seniors are planning to attend college after graduation, and say that they are excited to know that their class will always be remembered through the statue.