Political question? Try Mad Libs

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ columnist

Two things I always get in trouble for discussing too passionately are sports and politics. I never learn.

• My favorite episode of “Cheers” prominently involves the Boston Celtics, as former Celtic great Kevin McHale loses his on-court focus due to a bar-room conversation about the number of bolts in the Boston Garden Floor.

Truth is stranger than fiction, I’m finding, as a Boston bar is rumored to have affected the Celtics’ recent playoff success.

The Celtics were deadlocked against the Atlanta Hawks, with the do-or-die Game 7 two Sundays ago. In a recent Boston Globe notes column, lounge operator Patrick Lyons was outed as a possible boon to the Celtics.

Lyons operates the lounge of the hotel where the Hawks stayed prior to Game 7 of the team’s first-round series against Boston, and a league source said Lyons ordered his bar staff to give a double shot in any alcoholic beverage served to a Hawks player or coach.

In the game that followed, according to The Associated Press account, “the Celtics started the celebration early, holding the Hawks to 10 points in the second quarter and doubling their 18-point halftime lead in the third.”

Now, with the Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers tied at two games apiece, I’ve got two things to say about this report. First, LeBron James and his Cavalier teammates better bring their own beverages to Boston. Second, the NBA is so much more entertaining when the Celtics are competitive.

• Only CNN’s Jack Cafferty seems to be nailing this point about flag lapel pins. On Monday he called his colleagues out on how ridiculous it was to judge a candidate based on what they’re wearing when there are wars and fuel costs to be discussed.

We’re not hearing much on those issues, but CNN has time to call itself “The Best Political Team on Television” or MSNBC anchors declare they work for “The Place for Politics.”