Melrose grads share thoughts

Courtesty photo: Lisa Graham Melrose 2008 senior class of 13 will graduate Saturday, May 17 at 7 p.m. at the school’s secondary gymnasium.

By Keely McDowell: CNJ staff writer

All 13 of Melrose High’s 2008 graduating seniors plan to attend college in the fall, which is a rarity according to school principal Jamie Widner.

He estimated 75 percent of the Melrose students have gone to college after graduation and 11 percent have joined the military in his 12 years as Melrose junior high/high school principal.

Most of the graduates looked forward to their next phase in life. Below are some of their thoughts:

Kimberly Ann Lyons, New Mexico State University

• I think the world is what you make it. If you are a positive, happy person then the world will seem nice to you. Yes, the world can be tough, but it also offers many great opportunities.

Toni Danielle Burdine, Arizona State University
• Coming from a small town we don’t see crime issues in the world unless we turn on the news. It is scary to be going off not knowing what to expect. However many students have gone before us and we know we can, too.

Ramsie Rai Bradford, New Mexico State University
• In today’s society money is a huge issue. Yes, it will be tough but I believe I am prepared. I think anything is possible and I look at situations from all angles. The phrase that gets me through the day is “Everything happens for a reason.” Things are continually changing in the world and you have to be ready to evolve with change.

Aaron Hemminger, New Mexico State University
• I think the world is going into a slump with China buying all the materials that we’re running low on, but many of the scientists now are working on alternatives and maybe we can find a way out.

Jeannie Payne, Clovis Community College
• I view the world as an expensive place. In order to get anywhere in life you have to have money. I also believe it is a fun world, because there are tons of things I have yet to do.

Lauren Brooke Graham, New Mexico State University
• I think that the world is constantly changing and that I will witness many changes throughout my life. Especially with the prices of gas it is going to change a lot of families’ lifestyles. Even with all the changes that are occurring I am excited about becoming an independent adult and being on my own.

Brian Adam Raulie, Clovis Community College
• I view the world as an opportunity for dreams to become realities, right choices to be made to learn from, to grab life to the fullest, and not to let up or give up until I succeed and until I look at the world and say ‘I did my best.’

Taneil Ashley Roberts, Clovis Community College:
• The world is what you make it. People face challenges everyday and how you deal with them makes what kind of person you are. The world can be very scary at times, but also gives people many opportunities. It’s up to you how you use them.

Kevin Floyd Park, New Mexico State University
• The world is scary when you are out there on your own, but you have to be scared to be excited.

Kyla Jean Fish, New Mexico State University
• I view the world as scary, but at the same time, very interesting place. With the problems we face today it can be a very intimidating place, but at the same time, I can’t wait to go out and see what the world has to offer.

Adam Hairgrove, New Mexico State University
• I think that entering the (adult) world will be a relief, but at the same time a burden. I will be free to be my own person, not having to answer to anyone, within the limits of Uncle Sam, anyway. On the other side of the token, all the responsibility kind of takes me aback.

On the presidential election:
I am planning on voting in the 2008 presidential election. There are many changes about to happen with a new president, and it is important to vote. The war, our economy, gas prices, and immigration are many issues that are being talked about by the candidates.

— Lyons

• The most important thing on my mind concerning voting would be less restrictions on gun control.
— Hemminger