Park prepares for annual concert

Freedom New Mexico

The Oasis State Park staff is preparing with the third annual Old Tyme Music concert.

The funds raised by the concert go directly to the Friends of Oasis and are used for improvements at the park. The group and the state parks department must agree on how the money is used.

The improvements being considered that could be made at Oasis State park include a wishing well at the north end of the pond and making a handicap pier more accessible to the public, according to Oasis State Park Manager Jim Whary said.

The Portales-based Triple L Band will be performing for the third straight year at 7 p.m. Saturday.

“They always do a fabulous job,” Whary said. “It is an honor to have a local band that has played in places like Branson, Missouri, want to perform here at Oasis.”

The Triple L Band includes Amy, Lance, Landon, Len and Levi Miller.

“Each year we look forward to the event which more and more people attend each year,” Amy Miller said.

The family has been performing for the past eight years. They returned Thursday from performing in Branson, she said.

“It all started when my husband Len and son, Lance, began playing a banjo and a fiddle. From that the rest of the family took up the music and we were soon off on a lot of road trips,” Amy said.

The cost to attend the concert is $5 a vehicle.

No alcohol is allowed.