Candidate Profiles: County Clerk

Editor’s note: The Clovis News Journal asked county clerk
candidates to answer the following questions in 300 words or less. The
answers were edited for spelling and style. The primary is June 3.

Coni Jo Lyman

Age: 52

Occupation: Local government

Previous elected office: County clerk, 199l-2001

What is the most important job of the county clerk?

I am not sure any one job is more important than another. We deal
with real life issues that are extremely important to each of our
customers like real estate recordings, informal probate filings and
marriage licenses.
As secretary to the county commission we have
another important job: To keep public records of their actions for
generations to come. However, elections probably get more public
attention than anything else. But I consider customer service as our
most important job. Assisting the needs of every person that walks
through the door, or answering calls in the most efficient, courteous,
and helpful way possible is the most important job to me. With each
different person comes the challenge of answering their question and
that sometimes takes all of our resources.

What background or experiences qualify you for this position?

My formal education began at Melrose High School and continued at
Clovis Community College with a certificate in business. I have also
been blessed with 23 years of proven, hands-on experience in the Curry
County Clerk’s office. I have had the pleasure of working extensively
with the New Mexico Legislature on numerous pieces of election and
recording legislation and acted as a strong voice on those issues. I
served the New Mexico secretary of state on the Automated Voter
Registration System committee and numerous election task force
committees. I served on the New Mexico Association of Counties Board of
Directors. I have been an officer of the New Mexico County Clerk’s
Affiliate for 12 years and I am currently serving as its secretary. I
nurtured a strong working relationship with each of the other 32
clerk’s offices and developed a strong working relationship with the
other elected county offices. I served on numerous county committees
that review policy, salary, procedures, technology, licenses, and laws
affecting counties. I served on the New Mexico Commission for the
Status of Women. More recently, I received a certified public officials
certificate from New Mexico State University. In addition, I have
numerous hours of continuing education from University of New Mexico.

What is working at the clerk’s office?

I feel the clerk’s office has a dedicated staff and the technology
to serve the interests, needs and laws of our residents in the most
professional manner possible. Our recordings take a minimal amount of
time, public record access is as easy as the click of a mouse, and the
obsessive-compulsive nature of our efforts has lead to good elections.
I feel like the clerk’s office is working for Curry County and the
needs of its customers.

What is not working at the clerk’s office?

Perhaps I am too involved to know what is not working. I would
really like to hear from the public what they have experienced that is
not working for them at the clerk’s office, so that we could look at
the issue and try to find a solution.

Cindy A. McDaniel

Age: Declined to respond.

Occupation: Purchasing specialist at Clovis Community College

Previous elected office: None

What is the most important job of the county clerk?
most important job of the county clerk is actually threefold; to serve
the public, to serve the county commissioners, and to officiate the

What background or experiences qualify you for this position?

have worked in the public since I was 13 years old. I have over 11
years experience as a bookkeeper, 12 years as a title clerk, and seven
years of insurance experience and two years in the purchasing
department at Clovis Community College. I earned my associate’s degree
from CCC as well.

What is working at the clerk’s office? What is not working at the clerk’s office?
don’t believe it’s a question of what is working or not working at the
clerk’s office, but who the people believe will work for them. I think
the people want someone who is dependable, trustworthy and honest. I
think the people want someone that will work efficiently and cordially
for them and with them. I believe this is a job I am applying for and
the people of this county are the ones who will make that decision.