Letters to the Editor: Religious beliefs at heart of issue

Editor’s note: All of these letters have been edited for space considerations. They reference photos of gay couples in the Clovis High School yearbook.

Injustice done to those depicted

My emotions are doubtless founded in my Christian roots. But Scriptural argument is meaningless to those who do not accept the Holy Bible as the infallible inspired word of God.

We do believe we are all sinners by nature and will be judged by God. We are taught to love the sinner and hate the sin. All societies are based upon a foundation of beliefs; that of this country is the Judeo-Christian ethic.

A giftedly insightful Thomas Jefferson once said “without Christianity, a democracy cannot long survive.”

All that aside, other rationale exist which mitigate against the lesbian relationships being depicted in the Clovis High School yearbook.

Probably unanimous agreement prevails that homosexuality exists, and an overwhelming majority find it offensive.

Probably similar portions of society (particularly Clovis and like communities) harbor the same feelings toward prostitution, sexual predators, illicit drugs, pornography, pedophilia, gangs, etc.

But neither do we want those social anomalies projected as routine to our youth or people viewing Clovis from the outside, whether casually or contemplating relocating to Clovis.

I also think a terrible injustice was done to the young ladies who were depicted as lesbians.

Were I sufficiently sophisticated to have a personal philosophy, I would entitle it my “back of the barn theory.” Since the apple incident in Eden, there has always been something socially unacceptable going on behind the barn, known and generally accepted by all. Legitimizing it by moving it into the living room only moves the next problem “up behind the barn.”

I hope the proposed administration solution to study the issue does not manifest as a delay until community emotions subside.