Full tank not needed for fun

By Clyde Davis: Local columnist

School has been out — the Clovis public schools, that is — for two entire weeks. Two weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, unless you are trying to find ways to entertain children already showing signs of restlessness.

To begin with, for children who are athletically oriented, the Clovis schools coaching staff, along with high school players, runs clinics or camps. Some of these are already over; my grandson just finished a wonderful week of basketball camp, and tennis camp happened just after school released. However, football camp is yet to come, and there is a swimming camp, for which one should contact coach Vincent De maio or Play Inc.

After a hot morning of playing roundball, Jason for one was usually ready to chill for a while. I would reiterate what I said last week; the movie theaters are well-prepared for summer.

The public library always has a strong lineup of childrens’ activities, which are free and will keep your children’s brain stimulated.

Clovis Community College and Eastern New Mexico University offer Kids’ College, yet with different formats. CCC offers a class-by-class basis, with opportunities such as woodworking, drawing, pottery and some sports.

ENMU, on the other hand, structures a week-long program, lasting the entire day. Either way, it’s a wonderful opportunity.

Marilyn Odom, who for a long time has done children’s’ art lessons out of her home studio, will be doing so again this year. My grandson attended craft camp at her studio last year and had a great time.

It is true that some of the above cost money. However, with gas prices high and getting higher, I wager that fewer families will be able to go away much this summer.

The summer lunch program, which happens every weekday, does not cost money. This can be important, not so much for lunch, but because it provides a social area and setting for the children to get together.

There are, of course, the festivals, events and rodeos that form a basis for family activity. There is almost every weekend has something happening in Clovis during the summer.

Then, of course, we have our free community parks. People who are not from Clovis are amazed at Ned Houk Park, which we seem to take for granted.

Summer, like most of life, is what you make of it. Two weeks ago, I went to Ute Lake and, in a Camry, the gas for the trip cost me $25. Now, we can either moan about how much it costs to travel, or we can find ways to enjoy ourselves closer to home.

Which makes more sense to you?

Clyde Davis is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Portales and a college instructor. He can be contacted at: clyde_davis@yahoo.com