Children share appreciation for dad

In honor of Father’s Day, 24 children from Barbara Ann’s Child Care Center revealed the good, the bad, and the embarrassing aspects of their dads.

All of the children expressed appreciation for dad’s rebellion, and said their favorite thing about dad is he allows them to eat junk food before dinner, even though mom gets mad.

The children also said dad is good for a game of kickball, baseball, Transformers, and even Powerpuff Girls.

This is, of course, when he is not watching television.

Dad’s favorite TV shows

• Football — 59 percent

• A television series — 22 percent

• Basketball — 9 percent

• Ultimate Fighting Championship — 9 percent

Another activity that takes up some of dad’s time, according to the children:

• 82 percent of their dads sing in the car, but don’t worry dad, 50 percent of the kids admitted to liking dad’s singing voice.

The children were also asked if their father was a super hero, who would he be?

• Superman — 41 percent

• Ironman — 27 percent

• Spiderman — 13 percent

• Batman — 13 percent

Although the tots said they love their dads, they say dad can be embarrassing.

“My dad is funny and dances weird. He says he dances like that in Las Vegas. He does it in the middle of the store. I’m like, ‘Dad, everyone is staring at us!’”

— Anjelica Page, 8.

“I love my dad, but he holds my hand in public. I’m a boy and too old for that.”

— Izaiah Pena, 8.

“My dad licks his finger and puts it in my ear (also know as a “Wet Willy”). He even does it in front of my friends. He thinks it’s funny, but it is so gross.”

— Bryanna Carter, 10.

“We went to my sister’s play and my dad was teasing me. He made up something embarrassing about me and said he was going to tell my friends, but my mom got mad at him.”

— Veronica Lopez, 10.

“We bought an ugly pair of pants and he made me wear them. People were laughing at me, and I got mad. So, he bought me ice cream, and then it was all OK.”

— Bryetta Carter, 9.