Community makes man’s dream possible

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks Peter Taylor, left, of Clovis and his case manager Jason Jouett listen Thursday as ENMRSH team members go over issues concerning the home that he will be moving into next month.

By Keely McDowell: CNJ staff writer

Peter Taylor had to overcome more obstacles than most to own a home.

Mentally and physically disabled, Taylor requires 24-hour assistance. He is nonverbal and suffers from severe scoliosis that has limited his mobility.

But his limitations have not affected the size of his dreams or goals, one of which was to own a home.

With the help of ENMRSH and donations, Taylor was able to purchase a two-bedroom home.

Taylor, who receives state assistance, was able to obtain a loan similar to a HUD loan, and a specialized payment arrangement has been made for him, according to case workers.

“It is long deserved. It’s been a long time coming,” said Khyree Ross, who has been Taylor’s main staff member the past four years. “He’s been patient and it’s time. He is really excited and I’m excited for him.”

Taylor indicated to Ross he wants to put stuff on his walls and plants in his new yard.

He has been living in a small one-bedroom apartment under 24-hour staff assistance from ENMRSH since 1994. He does his laundry and takes care of his appearance, but the majority of daily living tasks are handled by his staff — referred to as his interdisciplinary team. Assistance includes, household aide, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, attending community events and learning new skills, according to Barbara Marion, vice president of ENMRSH.

She said helping its clients purchase a home is one of the goals of ENMRSH. She said home ownership improves their quality of life immensely.

ENMRSH is a privately owned company that provides services to clients who qualify for funding through the New Mexico Department of Health’s Developmental Disability Support Division, according Marion.

Taylor is the second client to receive supported living services to purchase a home, according to Kizzy Maloni, his service coordinator.

She said case workers have been working five years to help Taylor purchase the home.

“With the help of the community and numerous donations Pete’s dream has become a reality,” Maloni said. “I hope Pete will be the first of many ENMRSH supported living consumers I will see given the opportunity to own a home.”

ENMRSH provides 65 clients with supported living services. They also provide other types of services for hundreds of clients.

When Taylor was informed he would be closing on his home this month, his case workers said his reaction was worth all of the hard work and struggles they had to endure.

“He was happy. He gave everybody hugs, high fives, and handshakes,” said Jason Jouett, his case manager from Plains Regional Medical Center.

“This has been his dream for a long, long time. He likes to tend to gardens, and he always wanted to grow his own garden.”

Taylor is scheduled to move into his home Wednesday.