Rail riding still not appealing

By Grant McGee: CNJ Columnist

The Lady of the House and I were thinking of taking a train trip to visit family in northern Minnesota. Once we checked into it, it was obvious that ridin’ the rails ain’t what it used to be.

We’d start at Las Vegas, N.M., on Amtrak’s “Southwest Chief” and, according to the schedule, arrive in Chicago after riding 23 hours in coach. That means sitting up all the way. And we’d be getting there an hour after our connecting train rolled out to Minnesota. So a 23-hour layover would be needed.

Now if you look at “The Girls and Boys Big Map of the United States of America” you’ll see that Minnesota by way of Chicago is a waste of about 500 miles. I think the dudes who set the train routes are the same ones who set the airline routes. You know, like you have to fly from Clovis to Albuquerque to get to Dallas.