Cattle trucking requires more than just driving

Years ago we had a cattle truck. My husband was the driver and I was his “booking agent.” Fall, of course, was our busy time. Every rancher who called asked the same question: “Can he be here at daylight?” Naturally, I said he could.

There was a slight problem. He drove by himself, so he needed some time off for sleeping. I, however, busily figuring out all the money we were making, forgot about that – often. After about the fourth time he crawled into bed only to be told, “Sorry, you have to be at so-and-so’s ranch at daylight,” he pointed out that the only sleep he’d had for two weeks was in the truck cab after he’d backed up to the loading chute.

He talked me into going with him once. Later, I figured out he wanted me away from the phone so I couldn’t book any more hauls while he was gone.