Ah, it’s a gorgeous day in Robert Lee, Texas

By Curtis K. Shelburne: Religion columnist

I just had a phone call from my two-years-younger brother. Helpful and concerned for my welfare as brothers always are, Jim wanted me to know how much he is enjoying an absolutely gorgeous day sitting on the porch of our grandparents’ old house in Robert Lee, Texas, and taking a break from taking a break. We should “rejoice with those who rejoice,” right?

Yeah. Sorry scuzzbucket!

I’m mainly jealous that he’s already there and I’m still digging hard trying to get away!

This is the time of year my three brothers and I try annually to move heaven and earth and four pastors’ schedules to enjoy some time together. (Yep, four in the ministry. And a father who was a minister. A family of priests and Levites, I guess you could say. Alas, no one made good and will be even remotely tempted to staple a spreadsheet and a r