Roch goes distance for vote

By Thomas Garcia: Freedom New Mexico

Dennis Roch won more than one race this election season.

Roch, who will represent Curry, Roosevelt and Quay counties as the new District 67 representative, was challenged to a foot race while campaigning in Portales.

Roch was knocking on voters doors on East Amazon Street in Portales.

“I introduced myself and told the man that I was running for the District 67 House seat,” Roch said. “He replied, ‘How fast are you?’”

Roch said it wasn’t that type of race, but the voter wasn’t swayed.

“The man said, ‘Well, if you want my vote, you’ll race me from the mailbox to the end of the street,’” Roch said.

Roch said he took off his jacket and lined up at the mailbox. Roch said after he won the race by a few footsteps, his challenger was impressed that he was literally willing to run for office.

After the race Roch said the resident told him he would support the Quay County Republican, who defeated Craig Cosner in Tuesday’s general election.

Amy Truelock watched the race from her porch.

Truelock and her friends weren’t impressed by Roch winning the race, but his willingness to try.

“It definitely swayed my vote and the vote of my friends,” Truelock said.

Roch said he will retain his position as assistant superintendent at Tucumcari Municipal Schools.