Strong women can be found in Bible

This past week I was reading about some women heroes — women who had done undeliverable things against all odds. Their stories ranged form climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to starting a foundation for special needs children to feeding the homeless in a huge tent fashioned from many old tents.

The will and determination of these women was amazing. But I have one to add to that. Her name is Jochebed, the mother of Moses and an Old Testament woman character. She is not as well known as Mary or Sarah or Esther or Rahab. But what she accomplished with the resources that she had was astonishing. Her story is amazing.

In Jochebed’s time, the Pharaoh in Egypt knew nothing of Joseph and what he had done for Egypt. He did not appreciate Joseph’s role in saving all the people from starving during the seven years of famine. The story of Joseph had been lost in the hierarchy and generations of Pharaohs. Now a new Pharaoh reigned who was worried that the Hebrew people would outnumber them. He observed the Hebrew families growing and was fearful that the Hebrew people would become stronger and be harder to control. In an attempt stop this, He ordered that all the newborn Hebrew boy babies be killed at birth.

So when Moses was born, Jochebed, a strong Hebrew mother, knew that her baby’s life was in danger. What did she do? The answer is in Hebrews 11:23. The writer in Hebrews said it was “faith!” The writer notes that his parents tried to hide Moses for three months in their house. They believed God was going to use Moses for his purposes. They decided through faith not to be afraid of the Pharaoh’s edict and but instead try to figure out a way to save little Moses.

Jochebed’s dire predicament led to unusual creativity.