First person: Holiday enthusiast

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Sherri Gomez, 24, said she likes wrapping square packages because they are the easiest.

Sherri Gomez spends most of her time watching cartoons and movies about superheroes with her 3-year-old son Anthony. But for a month during the holiday season, she works at Roden-Smith as a gift wrapper.

Family business: My mom, grandmother and brother work here so they know to call me each year when they need season help.

Christmas excitement: My family loves Christmas. I was born and raised in Clovis so I have a lot of family here. I go to several big family gatherings during the holidays and there is always food. We’re super excited about this year. My son is 3 this year so he’s been being good for Santa and is so excited for Christmas.

Kids and Christmas: My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing all the kids excited about opening gifts and getting together with family.

Experienced wrapper: I’m pretty good at wrapping presents. I got good from working here. I’ve wrapped here during Christmas for three or four years. I like square packages because they’re easiest.

Christmas movie mismatch: I don’t really have a favorite Christmas movie. But I don’t like “A Christmas Story.” My husband watches it constantly throughout the holiday. It just gets on my nerves. It’s his favorite, but I guess I’ve seen it too much.

Winter escape: If I could do anywhere, I’d take my whole family to Hawaii and stay for a couple of weeks. I like warm weather. We’d try to surf. We’re not afraid to try new things.

Winter fun: I hope it snows. Even if it doesn’t, we go skiing a couple of times each year. This January is the first time I’m taking my son skiing. It’s my husband’s favorite sport so he’s gotta be able to ski.