Dec. 21, 2008 Library Books

The following books are available at the Clovis-Carver Public Library:

Chain of Blame: How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis by Paul Muolo chronicles the most critical financial disaster of our times, showing readers what happened, who is responsible, and what lies ahead.

Death Swatch by Laura Childs offers just the right blend of cozy fun and clever plotting as shop owner Carmella Bertrand and detective Edgar Babcock investigate a murder during Mardi Gras.

Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald Kraybill analyzes the remarkable response of the Amish community to the horrific shooting of ten Pennsylvania schoolgirls, giving insight into the Amish way of life and how they live their faith.

The Complete Guide to Hunting: Basic Techniques for Gun and Bow Hunters by Gary Lewis offers tips and techniques for hunting wild game, advises how to choose equipment, and presents details on the habits and habitat of 17 game species and birds.

Singularity by Kathryn Casey features a feisty, funny, and tough heroine as profiler Sarah Armstrong, one of the few female Rangers in Texas history, searches for a deranged killer who believes he has been sent from heaven to massacre innocent people.

Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou contains absorbing stories, inspirational wisdom, and perceptive lessons about compassion and fortitude written to all women as if they were daughters of the author, one of America