Tree holds many tales

By Clyde Davis: CNJ columnist

Occasionally, one writes a column that catches the attention of more than one reader, in a way that lasts for more than one day. It seems to be so on the subject of the favorite ornament; I’ve had people, even this year, comment on the column which was written last year about that subject. So on to an update:

I have to state, at the beginning, that my favorite ornament is still my walrus riding a Harley Davidson. I can’t imagine anything easily replacing this piece of homage to the tacky male sense of humor. Not only is he tacky, he is beautifully tacky; he is well made, well constructed, and artistic in his appearance. There is, in short, nothing cheap looking to mar his tackiness- and you must understand, cheap and tacky are very different things.

That clarification out of the way, I’d like to discuss my wildlife tree. This piece of separate celebration sits on my front porch, and is likely the closest thing I would ever sanction to that thing I hate, that homage to designed and planned artistic “license” – the themed tree. The typical themed tree is only slightly more real than the decorator tree.

Mine has, however, been collected over the course of many years- twenty years or more. Only in the past three years has the wildlife motif merited its own tree.

In the eighties I received a few ornaments made of ceramic – geese, ducks, and chickadees. This was the beginning of the slow growing collection.

Resin cast Canada geese from a mall in Columbia, S.C., home of Fort