Ranch and rodeo invention suggestions

Glenda Price

A new product for barrel racers is now available – pop-up barrels. They collapse and fit into a bag a little bigger than a rope can, and when opened up are bottom-weighted so they don’t fall over easily.

Besides the portability, those of us with scarred shins from banging into metal barrels will appreciate this invention is not made of metal.

Another recent innovation is portable fencing panels that fold up and fit inside (or on top of) your trailer and then easily attach to the trailer to make a temporary horse pen.

So I’ve been thinking (scary I admit), and I’ve thought of some other inventions somebody should create.

At most rodeos or ropings everybody sorta parks their rigs wherever. Later, after dark, there’s a great deal of stumbling around by those of us who are “location challenged” trying to find our own rigs among the sea of identical dually pickups and trailers. Some of us (not mentioning any names) can’t find our travel mates or kids, either.

So…how about a little “button” homing device with a global positioning system on it that can be attached to the vehicle, the travel mates’ belt, the kids’ britches. Then, if we haven’t seen any of the above for awhile we can just push our “home” button. This will work only if mates and kids are threatened with their lives if they “lose” their buttons.

Come to think of it, these devices could come in handy for other searches too, like that new bull that might (probably would, and did) jump the fence and visit the neighbor’s fancy schmancy heifers.

We’ll probably need to retrieve that bull, horseback, before he does too much damage. He’ll no doubt be on the prod, so that’s when we need our next invention – a knockout spray. It should fit easily in our saddlebag and blast a