Enjoyment of year depends on effort

By Anita Doberman: CNJ Columnist

2009 will be a shocking year for me. I’m not going to sky dive or bungy jump, I’m too scared for that, but I still want to do something fearless. I’m ready to take this step. I’ll learn to use commas correctly. To, make, my, husband, happy, so, that, he, doesn’t, have, to, read, my, pieces, before, I, submit, and, so, that, I, don’t, have, to, hear, his, theory, that, I’m, not, focusing.

After I take this step and, commit the fearless act taking care of the commas, I’m going to try to be more Italian. How do I do that, you may wonder, given that I was born and raised in Italy? Shouldn’t I work on melting in?

Well, I feel like I’m pretty meshed in with the flow as it is. It’s time to focus on my roots by eating tons of Italian food and by working on thickening my accent. No longer biscuits, but fresh Italian bread. No longer diet coke but Chinotto – I already drink red wine, so I have that one covered pretty well. I’ll start baking desserts. Maybe I’ll even make that tiramisu that I promised my husband ten years ago to prove that I am 100% Italian. I’ll also definitely try to speak more Italian to my children on a regular basis, so that they can yell at bad drivers in Italy, when we go back to visit relatives.

In the new year, my husband has been walking around in his favorite T-shirt, which reads “Pray for me, my Wife’s Italian.”