Feeling of reverse deja vu unshakeable

By Clyde Davis: CNJ Columnist

We all know that deja vu is the sense that you have lived this moment before. What, however, is the sense that you will live this moment in the future ? English teachers call it a foreshadowing event; I had one of those today.

We had my 4-year-old granddaughter Mikayla on a hike to Palo Duro Canyon, and she ran past me on the trail, ponytail flying to the side of her face, turning and looking at me with a big grin. Suddenly I had a flash of her possible future.

She is 10 years down the road, running high school cross country, zipping past with that same ponytail flying, that same grin on her face. Deja vu, backwards.

Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. If I have any influence, it will at least remain an option. Not that I have any great affinity with cross country, but-when we had reached the apex of our hike, and started in the opposite direction, back to the trailhead, I invited her to run with me and what I saw gave me a thrill.