Jan. 22 Letters to the Editor

Money already wasted on schools

Regarding “Legislators brace for budget cutbacks” on www.cnjonline.com:

Dennis Roch is nuts or blind. Half of our states’ annual budget already goes to “education” and what good has it done? Kids are being allowed to graduate when they don’t know how to read, can’t do basic math problems, have no knowledge of our state or nation’s history, on and on and on.

The schools have more than enough money, it just doesn’t go to the right places. All our school districts are far too top heavy with “administrators” that add nothing to the educational process and haven’t set foot in a classroom in years, if ever.

Roch didn’t say anything in this article about cutting the fat, starting in Santa Fe, so more money could get to the school and classroom, where it belongs.

Most of the delays in getting capitol outlay projects going come from the state itself. De Baca County has been trying to get a transfer station built to take care of household trash for three years. We have had the money from the state the entire time and, maybe, building will start next month. It was the state that said we, like all counties and towns, had to stop burying our trash and take it to an approved landfill. The state gave us the money to get started and it was the state that has blocked progress at every step. The rules are so confusing and contradictory that nobody knows what to do so many projects hang in limbo for years.

I hope Rep. Jose Campos, D-Santa Rosa, and Sen. Stuart Ingle, R-Portales, will also read this and remember who they are supposed to be representing. They represent us, the citizens who voted for them, and it’s time they started doing it.