Eveyone has a soundtrack

By Richard Layman

This is part of a series in which local columnists share their love for music in celebration of “Music in Our Schools Week” at Clovis Municipal Schools.

In contemplating this article I was thinking what can an amateur say about the meaning of music in one’s life.

Then I remembered something my son once said that his life has a soundtrack. I realized that we all have our own soundtracks. There is always music around us throughout our lives and it becomes a permanent recording in our brains.

At anytime a tune can pop into our conscious thought reminding us of the day before yesterday or decades long past. A brief refrain can transport us through time to when that song was entered into our memory banks and our thoughts then branch out from there. It is amazing that we all can recall the words of songs from our earliest days. There is layer upon layer of music both vocal and instrumental added over the years to our own personal soundtracks with our own personal meanings.

Few stimuli have the power to evoke emotion more than music. From the resounding brass march that arouses patriotic fever to a pop tune that we heard as a teenager that brings back our youth, music has a power that can arouse our brains like no other medium.

We all have music inscribed in our being for our entire lives. Yes, we all have our own unique soundtracks known only to us, and with them our lives are all the more special.

Richard Layman is a local physician and community choir member.